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Camille Sroufe Breaks the Record of Most Threes in a Game for Palomar’s Women’s Basketball Team

SAN MARCOS – Camille Sroufe, a guard for Palomar’s women’s basketball team, broke the record for most threes in a game bringing the record to 10 three-point shots.

The Comets began the game on Feb. 3 with high spirits and excitement to be back on the home court. The excitement for the game was felt by the entire team; Sroufe was one of the players who brought their all to the game.

“I was in the game.” She said, “It was a home game too, so everyone was pretty happy about that.”

“We were already kind of gassed up because we get super excited for home games,” Deajanae Harvey, a guard on the team explained, “But in that particular game, Camille brought the juice.”

Sroufe is recognized by her team, and her coach, as a hard worker and a team player. Leigh Marshall, the head coach of Palomar’s women’s basketball team, explained that Sroufe is a player who comes early and stays late at practice. Sroufe is seen as someone who is constantly perfecting her skills.

By halftime, Sroufe was 8-10, which matched the previous record for most threes in a game, set originally by Julie Saelee in early 2020. Sruofe had also tied the record in a previous game and knew she was only a shot away from breaking it.

“I went 8-10 in the first half,” Sroufe said, “and then once I reached that point everyone was like ‘Okay, you only have two more shots. You can break it.”

“At halftime, we did make it a thing.” Harvey added, “We knew how many she had in the first half, so the second half we were like ‘We gotta find Camille, she has to break it. She has the energy, it’s the perfect match.’”

In the fourth quarter, Sroufe had broken the record and the players on the bench cheered out while she smiled and cheered for herself.

“I was pretty happy, I kinda expected it.” Sroufe said, “My reaction [to breaking the record], I feel like it was bound to happen eventually.”

“I went crazy, and I was on the bench so I was able to go crazy.” When asked about her reaction, Harvey replied, “I think the whole bench went insane. Everyone was jumping, we were super hyped.”

The Comets won the game, ending with a 103-58 win over the Southwestern Jags. Soufre finished with 30 points and was 10-17 at the three-point line.

When talking about the future, Sroufe and her team are confident about the future games and what will happen after graduation.

“I think Camille has the ability to set her own record.” Harvey said, “Especially because of the camaraderie of our team. When we’re looking for a shooter, Camille definitely gets the job done.”

“I think we gotta win state,” Sroufe mentioned as she talked about the future, “and then once we get to that point we’ll see what the future holds. It’s been a really great season, but we’re not done yet.”

As of Feb. 22, 2023, Palomar’s women’s basketball team is 28-0 overall, and 14-0 for conference games.

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