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Study Tips For Students

With the spring semester upon us, comes a lot of work and stress with it. Because many classes are so difficult now with all of the tests, homework, and studying, these are a few hacks that might help you get through the classes a little easier.

There are many tips and tricks out there for us students to use; a few favorites would have to be using flashcards, a planner, and taking good notes while also being attentive in class.

Although this always doesn’t always work for people, if that is the case one of the best things to do is try and make a study group with the people that are in the class with you. Palomar has a very good library with places where groups of people can go study together and get away from all of the distractions.

You can reserve the LRC group study room. Working with others in study groups can help with learning something you may have missed during the lecture and even just help refreshing your brain of the information that you have previously went over.

There is also many websites that focuses on studying and making classes easier.

Here are some links to websites that you could possibly refer to while trying to study:

Although these classes can be very difficult and challenging, be sure to stay on top of your work by managing your time the best you can, make a plan on when and what to study.

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