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Palomar’s Parking Should Be More Affordable & Accessible

THUMBS DOWN – Palomar College is allegedly known for wanting the best for their students; with an abundance of resources available. Many students who attend Palomar are managing work, home life, relationships, and living situations all the while attending school. A large fraction is here due to the assistance of financial aid.

Parking situations are hit and miss here, sometimes parking lots are restricted, though many stalls are empty; when the lots are open for student parking, they have the option of paying for parking either by using the Park Mobile App (charging roughly $1 per hour) or $46 dollars for a parking pass that is valid during the current school semester.

It’s possible that for a full-time student, the pass could pay for itself. But what if, a student who’s currently taking three, four, or five classes (some are online classes, too) while working a part-time or even full-time job, potentially making payments on whatever it may be (car, phone, school loan, rent, etc) is pinched to their penny with a $46 expense?

To only attend school less than 5 days a week. Gas is already skyrocketing without sign of lowering any time soon. If a student were to be homeless, living in their car, they deserve a safe place to stay overnight on occasion.

It is understandable that colleges need to make money somehow, but parking permits should be lowered to at least $36. Fortunately, those who’re granted Financial Aid should have their parking fee supported, but that isn’t the case for everyone. You never know if someone has or is currently struggling financially to where $46 becomes a significant amount to them.

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