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Palomar Introduces New Fallbrook Center

FALLBROOK – The Fallbrook Education Center is a fairly new addition to Palomar College. Palomar made sure to have a large range of different courses and options that new students can choose from when enrolling. It has been described as a beautiful campus with modern-designed buildings to complement the space.

The campus can be found located north of Highway 76. The campus stands at an estimated 20,000 square feet which includes parking of about 700 spaces for students.

The campus is set to provide students who are located further from the main Palomar College campus with a quicker and easier destination to get to. It is especially helpful for students who find it difficult to commute to further places. The Fallbrook Campus gave many students the advantage of commuting from somewhere close to home.

They first opened the doors for summer courses back in 2018. The staff was overwhelmed with all the positive feedback from students as the first week went quite smoothly.

For more information on the Fallbrook Education Center, you can contact the campus at (760) 744-1150, or visit the Fallbrook Education Center webpage.

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