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Poway to Palomar Middle College is a Great Idea for Future Students.

THUMBS UP – Poway to Palomar Middle College (PPMC) is the first high school located entirely on one of Palomar’s campuses, and may not be the last if all goes well.

Students at the school are fully able to use all of Palomar’s resources, libraries, and more to help them have an easier transition into college. This school has specially designed courses that make it easier for students to earn transfer credits and in an easy process.

This school is aimed especially at high school students who would be unlikely to seek higher education without it. Here they are instead gaining helpful knowledge toward a new future. The students at PPMC can look forward to graduating with up to a year’s advantage on their college coursework as well.

With the school being developed for the last four years, it was a huge relief to finally see the campus open last summer. This is surely a step in the right direction for future Palomar students and will look to do nothing but good.

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