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Palomar Transfer Rates Have Decreased in the Last Year.

Palomar College has given an opportunity to every student that attends to transfer out to a four-year university and continue their education. Now, with transfer season here, students are eagerly awaiting a response from their chosen university.

Most students attending Palomar College have received their acceptance letters from another four-year by now. The transfer rate numbers have significantly increased for both Fall and Summer since last year, but Spring transfer rates have dropped by 70.

According to Administrations and Enrollment via email, Palomar has 182 eligible students for transferring in Summer 2021, 375 in Fall 2021, and 881 “applicants” in Spring 2022. The number for Spring is “unconfirmed until grades come in.”

Administration and Enrollment also included last school year’s transfers. Palomar had 131 eligible students for transferring in Summer 2020, 305 in Fall 2020, and 951 in Spring 2021.

Some students have already heard back from their dream university. Pooja Tejas Patel, a soon-to-be graduate of Palomar College, has received word from UC Riverside, where she was accepted and will be attending next semester.

“I’m transferring with my major in Business and Administration,” said Patel, “I took all the classes that seemed interesting, I saw that all the classes you needed to take for my major, I’ve taken most of them.”

Patel said she looked on the Business and Administration page for UC Riverside beforehand and took the remaining classes for an associate transfer.

“It seemed like a really good program. All the people [at UC Riverside] were really friendly – or who I talked to – So I decided to go there… My cousin went there too.”

Patel said that Palomar helped her throughout the last two years after she traveled from India to pursue her education, “All my professors were really friendly, so I didn’t have any problems passing my classes… All the counselors I spoke to also helped me a lot.”

Patel shouted out to Brittney Wong from the Transfer center for helping her throughout the stressful times, “She was really helpful, I had a lot of questions about transferring… but she helped me answer my questions.”

Like a lot of students, Patel was nervous to hear back from her dream University. She said she only applied to UC Riverside, leaving little wiggle room if she was denied admission.

“I was going to apply to UC Irvine, but I did not have three of the classes required to consider the school,” Patel said, “I was really nervous about all my application, my essays, and everything, but my cousin and everyone helped me through it.”

Patel has given Palomar’s future transfer students some words of advice so they could be as successful as her when it comes to transferring, “Just don’t overthink about it. If you are doing well in all your classes, and you give your best, you will succeed. So don’t be all nervous like me – Just stay positive, and you’ll get where you want to go.”

All students that plan to transfer next school year are encouraged to look at the Transfer Center page and contact a counselor for a smooth transition into their accepted university.

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