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Palomar’s Contemporary Dance Ensemble performed in “Epic Tales from the Heart”

Palomar just had their very first concert performance since the start of COVID-19, titled “Epic Tales from the Heart.”

The event was held on Nov. 19-20 and was conducted by Dr. Ellen Weller. Weller discussed a few details via email regarding the performance and how she felt to be back conducting.

“Unbelievably wonderful!! I cried at our first in person rehearsal,” she said.

Weller also expressed thoughts regarding how the performers feel to be back in session. She explained that the musicians felt a sense of relief when returning to the scene.

“Musicians have expressed deep gratitude to be able to perform their music with each other again,” Weller said. “It is both artistic and social, and deeply satisfying.”

Weller gave a small summary of what the plot of the performance was. Due to social distancing from the past year, she explains that the concert was about finally reuniting together. Because everyone was so desperate to be back on campus and see each other again, she explained how this performance relates to how everyone felt. It is supposed to send a positive message, in a way where students and faculty feel as though they are not alone.

“This performance is about being together!! Last year’s season was called Heart 2 Heart, because we could not be face to face,” Weller stated.

“Tonight’s show is about what we went through during that time, and how wonderful and precious is the simple joy of community,” she concluded.

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