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As COVID is slowly wearing off, jobs are now starting to open up

The job market is now starting to open up for anyone who is looking for open positions due to the pandemic finally slowing down.

Jobs are beginning to hire for both full-time and part-time positions. Since the start of COVID, people were struggling to keep their jobs, as well as struggling to apply for different jobs. Unemployment was very high at the time since a ton of people were losing their jobs due to lockdown.

Now that things are slowly getting back to normal, everyone now has a chance to find a position and not have to worry about getting laid off as they did before.

One article from The Balance reveals that the current unemployment rate in the US as of September 2021 is reported to be 4.8%, compared to April 2020, where the unemployment rate was reported to be 14.8%.

It is stated in the article that the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the current rate of unemployment is 0.4% lower than in July. Statistics show that by 2022, unemployment will lower to 3.8% and will decrease to 3.5% in 2023.

Another article from Trading Economics shows statistics that report the increase of the employment rate. The rise of employment has increased to 58.70% in September 2021 from 58.50% in the previous years.

In the Federal Reserve Bank, the story discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the job market. The article describes that due to the lockdown back in March 2020 and social distancing, the economy was facing an unemployment crisis. This made people feel worrisome, while also trying to prevent catching the virus.

Because of this, this resulted in people losing their jobs. The article mentions that it was reported that about 20 million jobs were lost within the past year in April.

Palomar College student, Devyn Leslie discusses her experiences with the struggles of finding a job throughout the pandemic.

Leslie first explains how the pandemic her ability to find different jobs. She states that without the vaccine, it was more difficult to find any jobs.

“This pandemic has impacted my ability to find a job in a negative way,” she said.

“I am enrolled at Palomar College as a second year and this year I decided to do school remotely and move to Hawaii. Hawaii is very strict with covid regulations and without the vaccine, it is very hard to get hired anywhere on the island,” Leslie adds.

When explaining whether it has been easier to look for different, she describes how it has been less complicated.

“Since the past year it has been easy to find jobs on the mainland because of unemployment nobody wanted to work but now that restrictions have loosened up, jobs are more competitive,” Leslie said.

To check out more information on the current status of the job market, go to The Employment Situation-September 2021 (

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