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Rady Shell, San Diego’s newest attraction.

More than just a venue for live performances, Rady Shell is also known for the gathering opportunity it provides for all San Diegans.

Rady Shell, San Diego’s newest arts concert venue is located at Jacobs Park and opened this past summer.

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many concerts, art shows, and other live performances were canceled. However, as the pandemic seems to come to an end, San Diego is ready to bring artists to perform for its residents with this new venue.

According to the website “Rady Shell at Jacobs Park”, the Rady Shell was a 5-year long project that has been led by the San Diego Symphony and a host of business and government leaders.

Front view of Rady Shell
In preparation for the event “Beyond”, crew members are finishing the last details. Photo Credit: Suzette Santori

“Business leaders no longer need to choose between arts and economic development. An investment in the arts is an investment in an industry that supports jobs, generates revenue, and helps encourage new business to our region,” said Mark Cafferty, San Diego’s President and CEO of the Regional Economic Development Cooperation, for the Rady Shell’s website.

This new venue was designed by several among the San Diego Symphony, leading experts, and construction experts.

Starting off with the Tucker Sadler Architects, Greg Muller, the CEO of the firm, and his team had a major influence in making this new venue possible where approximately 10,000 audience members will be able to enjoy any of the live performances.

Soundforms designer, Sound Consultant Shawn Murphy, Fabritecture, HLB, and Schuler Shook, were the designers in charge of making the audio, lighting, and other visuals possible to create this new art attraction that has never been seen in San Diego.

“This is something new, something different, you would believe these types of venues would only be located in L.A. it’s something different for us in San Diego, but it’s amazing.”, said a San Diego resident who decided to stay anonymous.

Boat passing the Rady Shell
A Navy boat tours past the Rady Shell in the San Diego Harbor Photo credit: Trina Mcleary

According to many residents in San Diego, some of the features of the Rady Shell are the flexible capacity, the view to the bay, and that this new venue is part of Jacobs Park, meaning that the venue will be open to the public even during non-event hours.

The Rady Shell has a full schedule for art and musical performances all the way through April 2022.

Starting off with the upcoming shows starting Nov. 6 performing Beethoven, Bartok, Biss, at 5 p.m. The following day, Nov. 7, Ted Sperling will be performing at 5 p.m. as well.

To view the schedule of preferences or to purchase tickets, visit the Rady Shell at Jacobs Park on the website Tickets on Sale, for more information.









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