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A Transfer Athlete on the Rise

Who is Katherine Golec?


As the season continues for many of our sports on campus, more and more players are having their chance to shine and be recognized for their hard work. Some of these players have been perfecting their craft from a very young age and are making themselves known through dedication and persistence.

One of those players is recent Comet of the Week and Women’s Soccer Centerback, Katherine Golec.

In a phone interview, Golec (#9) opened up about her past, present, and future surrounding the sport.

“My parents put me in soccer when I was 6 and I haven’t stopped playing since. I fell in love with the sport right away with watching it to playing it. I love the team aspect where we can grow and improve together”, Golec stated.

When asked about her current experience with Palomar soccer, Katherine explained the benefits of her decision to transfer from Masters University.

“Soccer has taken up most of my time since I started. Before college, there were team practices twice a week and tournaments on the weekend. I transferred to Palomar from another university this year and being on the team has just been great. Soccer lets us be on campus 5 days a week”, said Golec.

“I hope there are opportunities to continue playing at the collegiate level, but no matter what I plan on playing for as long as I can whether it’s for a school or a Sunday league team” Golec mentioned, in regards to her future in soccer.

Hard work however means as much as it does in the classroom as it does on the field.

“I’m working hard academically to get into med school. I want to specialize in some type of sports medicine. Currently I am looking at pursuing orthopedic surgery”, said Golec.

Golec’s pastimes outside of soccer keep her busy, and are an indicator of the dedication behind our student athletes.

“Outside of school I love being active, especially working out. I come from a family of champion powerlifters, so my exposure to the gym started at a young age. I also enjoy being able to relax with friends and family whether it’s a nice day at the beach or watching a good movie”, Golec stated.

Golec’s coach Chelsea Davis had some insightful details about Golec’s strengths on and off the field.

“Kat is an impact player on the field by her passing ability, vision and consistency. Off the field she is a great student, always shows up with a smile on her face, and is willing to put the work in”, said Davis.

When asked why soccer keeps her interested and gets her going, Golec had a few inspirational things to say.

“Soccer has been so beneficial for me physically and mentally. It has given me a goal to continuously work towards. It’s also been great mentally as an outlet for whatever I’m going through. Whether I’m sad, angry, or stressed, it always finds a way to cheer me up.’

If you want to see Katherine in action and support the Palomar Women’s Soccer Team, visit the Palomar College Athletics facebook page.

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