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Suspenseful Details About the Mysterious Film ‘Old’

This intense film, written by M. Night Shyamalan, tells the story of a family on a getaway to a beautiful island located in Samana, Dominican Republic. Things quickly turn into a nightmare when the family begin to age rapidly.

All the characters in the film are oblivious to what is actually going on and try desperately to escape their destination.

The film is based off the novel “Sandcastle,” which was written by Frederik Peeters and Pierre Oscar Levy and published in 2010. This novel has the same plot as the film, however, the book is described to be more graphic.

The film stars Gael Garcia Bernal as Guy, Vicky Krieps as Prisca, Alex Wolff as Trent, Thomasin McKenzie as Maddox, Rufus Sewell as Charles, Abbey Lee as Chrystal, Nikki Amuka-Bird as Patricia, Ken Leung as Jarin, and Aaron Pierre as Mid-Sized Sedan.

The script of the film seemed convincing, in a way where it gave all the characters emotion. Each and every one of these characters show fear, anger, sadness, and hopelessness as they are trying to find a way to escape.

The way the characters were written was very realistic. The film definitely gave all the characters personalities, in terms how they all express their emotions.

For example, when the children, Trent and Maddox Cappa, start aging within hours, they are oblivious at the beginning. However, when their parents, Guy and Prisca, first notice this about their children, they are both skeptical and begin questioning the true nature of the beach.

The rest of the characters also show emotional changes as the film progresses. As the rest of the characters age at a rapid rate, their personalities also progressively change.

Critic reviews, like one from The Hollywood Reporter written by John DeFore, stated how the audience may experience chills, but also may find the film to be more silly than poetic.

“Viewers who can take it at face value may find a chill or two here, but ultimately Old can’t escape the goofiness of its premise long enough to put its more poetic possibilities across successfully,” DeFore said.

In another review from Variety, Owen Gleiberman talks about how the film provides a catchy plot, as well as having unique filmmaking.

“Old, like most Shyamalan movies, has a catchy hook along with some elegant filmmaking gambits,” Gleiberman said. “But instead of developing his premise in an insidious and powerful way, the writer-director just keeps throwing a lot of things at you.”

Based on this information, the film not only has a well written plot, but it also brings intensity and mystery to the plot.

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