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Freshman Volleyball Player on the Rise

As covid continues to impede our daily lives, many have fallen out of their normal routine and become sedentary in this new lifestyle we’ve lived in for over a year and a half. Some may have picked up a new hobby, while others continue to try and stay active and fight the urge to slow down.

Comet women’s volleyball player, Casey Widdoss, has embodied that through and through.

Currently a freshman, #11 has already blasted on to the scene in only 5 games. Averaging a .333 hitting percentage, 3.19 kills per set, and .44 service aces per set, she’s already on her way to becoming a potential prospect. With Casey being 6 feet 1 inch tall as well, she’s in the prime sport for her ability and it utilizing it well so far.

During an interview with Widdoss she shared a lot about herself and the struggles of playing during a pandemic.

“Playing through covid has been a challenge due to simple changes. We can’t have crowds at our games and we are just playing in silent gyms. We also had to wear masks while playing which was extremely uncomfortable. My team and I all just make sure we are doing our part to get tested and fill out forms to monitor our health.” Widdoss said in an interview via text.

The jump from high school volleyball to the college level has also been new for Widdoss.

“My mindset has changed in the way that I want to play at a higher level. In high school I was just playing for fun and did not think I was going to play in college at all, but now my plans have changed”, said Widdoss.

Widdoss also detailed the change in mindset from high school to college and why she’s on a whole new level.

“The awareness of what I am capable of drives me to be the best player I can be. Many coaches have told me they believe I can really play at the next level, and I would love to prove them right. Sometimes it’s mentally challenging to know I’m able to do it, but the vision of myself succeeding at a higher level pushes me to strive for excellence”, Widdoss explained.

Widdoss opened up about her further aspirations after Palomar.

“I want to play specifically in the Midwest. I would love to play at South Dakota State or The University of South Dakota”, said Widdoss.

Widdoss’ Coach Karl Seiler described Casey as both “a leader and a team player”, as well as mentioning her court presence as, “Our biggest threat offensively, ranking in the state in offensive attacking”, Seiler said in an interview via email.

When asked what kept her love for volleyball alive, Widdoss had a lot to say.

“The main thing about volleyball that keeps my love for the sport alive is the individual challenges you overcome within the game. It’s a team sport, but everyone contributes assets to the team. Long rallies go on due to all of the team doing their job and as the intensity increases, we must all stay responsible for our jobs and challenge ourselves to do so”, Widdoss exclaimed.

If you want to see Casey in action and support the Palomar Volleyball Team, visit the Palomar College Athletics facebook page.


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