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WorldBeat Cultural Center Reopens in Balboa Park

Local attractions are reopening for fun and informative day trips ahead!

The WorldBeat Cafe and Cultural Center in Balboa Park excitedly reopens awaiting you with new and informative experiences to inspire unity among diversity.

As we all know, with COVID-19 came the closing of our endeared local attractions. However, as regulations are getting lifted, the WorldBeat Cafe and Cultural Center in Balboa Park welcomes visitors with their recent reopening.

WorldBeat Cafe and Cultural Center is a non-profit organization that promotes awareness of African Diaspora and Indigenous cultures through multi-cultural arts such as music, dance, multimedia, art, education, and STEAM research.

As stated in their mission statement “By raising consciousness, the WorldBeat Cultural Center promotes peace within our San Diego community” with their main goal being to “create unity within diversity.”

As a community center, this is also an area to take a class and learn a new dance or instrument. There are annual events and lectures to check out as well as a museum and gift shop to browse. Do not forget the venue is also available to book for individual events!

Some of their programs include a Children’s Peace Garden, Outreach, Media, Internships, Binational, and Outdoor Classroom. For more information, visit their website.

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