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Animal Overflow

The San Diego County Department of Animal Services needs help!

Due to a recent spike in animal intake, the two animal shelters of San Diego County are almost completely full of animals. When the shelters fill up, where do the animals go?

The San Diego County Department of Animal Services came up with a mild solution. They are calling animal lovers and asking them to consider becoming foster homes. This will be the only way that you could help animals that would otherwise be left to the streets.

The cat department was hit the hardest this year since the shelter took in over 50 cats from a single owner. Because of the overflow, all adoption fees are dropped when an animal is in the shelter for more than 30 days, as long as the animal is over 6 months. All other adoption fees are only $25, and you are saving an animal. All of the animals are also required to leave the shelter spayed or neutered to prevent overbreeding.

Animal shelters are also asking for volunteers to help socialize the animals and to help care for them. If you want to volunteer more, you can also become a specialized disaster response volunteer, which means you could help save animals from disasters, more primarily to California, like fires.

Large wildfires have been burning through California this summer due to the high temperatures and low humidity. The Caldor fire is the biggest one yet, burning over 100,000 acres. Many animal control officers were requested throughout the state to help with the animals that were trapped in that specific fire.

With many things going on in our world right now, it is hard to remember that animals need our help more than ever. If you can, consider donating. Anything helps.

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  • Puppy pipeline: MCT Campus | Used With Permission
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