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Have Your Voice Heard and Audition for Change

Happening all online from May 13-16, “It’s Monumental… Ending the Silence” is the Palomar Performing Arts Department’s new festival that can be enjoyed all from the comfort of your home.

The festival plans on tackling, “The dynamics of racism/antiracism, anti-blackness, white cultural supremacy and the fluid concepts that develop as we expand our understanding of these phenomena in our society.” Pieces of art that have been created from all over the campus will be the center of attention.

Palomar Performing Arts aims to inspire and help start a conversation while getting other organizations to join the festival.

The festival plans on featuring live performances, like dances, speeches and more over Zoom. They will also feature virtual galleries where you can see visual and written pieces of art. Finally, there will be dialogue opportunities where you will be able to talk amongst other like-minded people about what may be on your mind, what you plan on doing to help or if you simply want to listen to others.

Many people may be overwhelmed with everything that they have seen or heard around the world, and may not know what to say or do. With the election, COVID-19 and much more that we have had to deal with within the past year, the news has yet to slow down.

On May 25 of last year, the world witnessed George Floyd murdered on the streets. Emotions ran high that day. Sadness, anger and fear ran through people. Just last week on March 16, eight people died in a shooting in Atlanta, six being women of Asian descent. There has been a clear rise in crimes against Asian-Americans in the last year.

Tensions are high, emotions are high, and often we need ways to express ourselves or not feel alone in this battle to end racism, and Palomar is helping with that.

If you would like to enter a piece of your own work, whether it be music, poetry, a painting or any other way you express yourself, Palomar is holding auditions on March 24 from 5:30-9:30 p.m. for students, staff and faculty from Palomar and beyond.

If you feel like you want your voice to be heard, or you want to share a personal experience in a setting that is comfortable and with people who are willing to listen, information on what is expected and how to audition can be found here.

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