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Why I Got the COVID-19 Vaccine

Last month I received my second COVID-19 vaccine, and I feel fine. Through this pandemic, we as a nation, have been really split when it comes to what we think is right or wrong. Many feel that there is no need to wear masks, while others believe it is what we need to end the pandemic.

We are always butting heads with each other, bringing up the reasons why you will or won’t do something because of what you heard. There is no more time to debate and fight amongst each other It is time we come together and all get the vaccine to stop the spread of COVID-19 and get back to some sort of normalcy.

There are a lot of myths that are going around about vaccines. Doctor Aaron E. Carroll, a health service investigator, wrote about seven common myths in an editorial in the New York Times. One main thing he touched on was the side effects and the fact many believe the vaccine was rushed. He stated that the common chills or aches may come from the shot, yet this is nothing to worry about this means that your immune system is working on fighting it.

The concern that it was rushed was also squashed by Carroll who stated that it still went through the process of being approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), but also explaining that the reason why a vaccine came out in one year was that all efforts were dedicated to releasing it.

I myself felt a bit under the weather from my first Moderna shot. Nothing more than a common cold. As for my second shot, I did feel chills the first night, but after I woke up I felt perfectly fine.

The reason why I chose to get the shot was that I trust the science behind vaccines. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) said one of the best ways to end the pandemic is with the combination of vaccines and mask-wearing.

I want this to end and will do my part to help in any way. If anyone is still skeptical, take me, a guinea pig, as an example that it is safe. I have received both shots and am doing fine. We need to trust in each other if we want this pandemic to end instead of fighting with each other.

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