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An Overview of the Inter-Club Council’s Latest Meeting

On Thursday, March 4, the Inter-Club Council hosted their bi-weekly meeting from noon to 1 p.m. via a public Zoom session.

The ICC included a member from each of the Palomar College Clubs led by ICC Chairperson Taylor Bergeson and ICC Advisor Kelly Donaghy.

Bergeson called the meeting into order and took attendance. Two motions were passed to approve the minutes of past meetings.

The council discussed the upcoming Virtual Club Rush, which will taking place on March 9-10. Bergeson addressed and confirmed which clubs would be participating.

There are plans to create an accessible PowerPoint for the event. Each club will be customizing a slide to best represent their group. It was also decided that if a club can participate in both days of Club Rush they are welcome to.

Bergeson brought up concerns about Zoom Premium to the ICC. The Associated Student Government has suggested that she should create links for ICC members under her (currently unapproved) Zoom Premium account. Meaning, ICC members might be able to get Zoom Premium benefits without paying for individual accounts.

Other clubs expressed interest in seeing if Palomar can fund these accounts. Donaghy said that there may be a way to get Zoom Premium for ICC members if they can first get official Palomar emails.

Other members suggested trying different platforms so clubs can avoid Zoom fatigue and paying extra fees for premium accounts. Ultimately, the subject will be an on-going discussion for the next meeting.

The meeting also addressed the creation of an ICC Instagram. Currently, clubs have individual Instagram pages, but the new ICC Instagram page would work with ASG and Student Life and Leadership.

A motion was approved for three people to run the official ICC Instagram. Ashley Asadi, president of the Animal Rights Club, Cody Pennefather of Physics and Engineering Club, and Valarie Yakuta from the Writing/Poetry Club will be in charge of the account.

Donaghy proposed the ICC host its own Women’s History Month event, such as a facilitated discussion between clubs about the meaning of the month. Plans were put in place to create a video compilation of clubs talking about their advocacy efforts to support women’s history month.

Clubs were informed of Palomar Preview Days, which will take place from April 19 to 23. It is an online event presented by Outreach Services for prospective Palomar students. It is another opportunity for clubs to recruit new students.

Spring 2021 ICC events were also discussed. UMOJA, a club dedicated to creating a community of black excellence at Palomar, is planning a movie series for the end of March, as well as participating in the supply drop.


ICC Vice Chairperson, Michael Nagtalon, also announced the creation of a Discord server for ICC members.

The link to join the next ICC meeting on March 18 can be found here.

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