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School Homework is Unnecessary

The U.S. education system K-12 has been around for decades and the biggest flaw is the homework. It’s a dead weight of the American education system.

After being in school from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. with a crazy amount of knowledge stuffed into your head, the last thing you would want is homework that is outrageously long.

I understand why the concept of homework works to help retain the information after learning it. I believe independent study or group study works the best from the collaborations of different ideas. Being able to learn from a different method or perspective can make or break the learning experience.

Study guides would be an alternative to homework. They give examples for each section of the unit. Another highlighting reason is that study guides are much more compact and easier to memorize than the huge piles of homework pages, just to forget the concept of each one.


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