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Green Vehicles by 2035 Will Benefit Our Future

Many of us dreamed of leaving the planet we have grown up on in a better condition than we experienced for future generations, but to achieve this, we need a plan on how we will get to that point.

President Joe Biden has proposed the idea of making vehicles run on 100% clean energy. According to Jake Johnson of EcoWatch, this is a very real possibility.

If we put in the time and money, we can achieve this by 2030 and eventually all clean energy would be cheaper than it is today.

“Bazaar” reported the $2 trillion deal does not include the banning of fracking as they are mainly focusing on bringing our emissions down first. This is because we have produced three times as much carbon emissions compared to China since 1750.

They plan on figuring out where our source of clean energy will come from and the production due to many of our modern sources having some fallbacks.

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