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New Season of ‘Hilda’ Offers a Magical Escape

Netflix’s animated series, “Hilda,” released a second season this past December.

The show centers around strong-willed protagonist Hilda as she moves to the mystical town of Trollberg and goes on adventures with her two friends. The newest season takes a closer look at the fragile relationship between the magical creatures of the forest and the citizens inside the town.

“Hilda” is based on the award-winning graphic novel series written by British cartoonist, Luke Pearson. The show includes a theme song written by popular artist Grimes and features the voice talents of Bella Ramsey as Hilda.

Although the series is animated, the show is enjoyable for all ages. Each episode introduces new creatures based off of European mythology along with storylines that explore each of the characters. The animation style is whimsical and works well to show off all the magic this fictional world has to offer.

While the series is less narrative driven than other cartoons like it, it still shows character growth and contains many tear-jerking moments.

“Hilda” gives viewers the chance to escape reality and travel to a world where peppermint tea is abundant and elves run amok.

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