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Lockdown Extensions and Why It Is For the Best

Although most of us would like to return to pre-COVID-19 life as quickly as possible, the lockdowns and quarantines are ultimately for the greater good of the world.

The lockdowns and quarantines will help reduce the spread of COVID-19, the virus that has been widely affecting the globe since the beginning of 2020. This disease has proven fatal and has unfortunately claimed many lives in its gradual spread. COVID is primarily spread through close contact with other people, typically within 6 feet of each other or by touching surfaces that others have touched.

By reducing the contact people have with each other, there will be less people to come into contact with and a lower risk of exposure to the virus, while also reducing the amount of surfaces that may contain remnants of the virus and continue its spread.

Since symptoms of COVID-19 are typically mild before they flare up, most people will not know they are sick until it is too late – and they will likely have already infected others. By keeping yourself secluded, it is incredibly improbable to catch the disease or to spread it to other people.

The minimum distance that is recommended by health officials is 6 feet, or roughly 2 meters. By keeping to this standard, you are far less likely to be infected by the disease, should it be present in anyone else you pass by while you are out and about.

It is important to maintain these standards due to the threat that COVID-19 poses for many different people of varying levels of immunity. No one is completely immune to the virus. Enforcing the lockdowns means a lesser risk for those people to catch it.

A vaccine has been in the making since this pandemic began, and it is slowly being deployed as of the first few weeks of December. This means that we can expect the lockdowns to slowly diminish as people are administered the vaccination. However, it will take time for the vaccines to reach everyone.

Enforcing one more quarantine will help secure the last of the virus while this vaccination is given to the general public – and most importantly, to those at high risk of contracting the virus. Quarantines and social distancing have been the standard for almost a year now. So how about a few more months to help stamp the rest of this pandemic out?

Being locked in the house all day can be stressful and even depressing, especially if your life was normally active and took you to all kinds of places. But consider the upsides of the lockdown: you are much less likely to get sick with any kind of illness, not just COVID-19, by reducing contact with others.

If you decide that you will be fine if you catch the virus, consider the health and welfare of the people you will pass by on your daily commute. If they contract the virus from you, it will only perpetuate the cycle of this virus that has already plagued the world for nearly a year. It can lead to poor health issues later down the line, such as respiratory problems and even some crippling lung issues.

So do everyone a favor and postpone your trip to that theme park. Sign up for virtual meetings for your classes. And make sure to wear your mask if you need to go out in public for anything. You can save people some serious medical bills, and even their lives, by doing so.

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