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‘Julie and the Phantoms,’ An Inspiration to Music Lovers

“Julie and the Phantoms” is an inspiring series that should be watched by all music lovers. This show shows how music can make you feel alive, connect people and make vivid memories. Produced by Kenny Ortega, this Netflix series was released on Sept. 10, 2020.

“Julie and the Phantoms ” about a band called Sunset Curve in Hollywood in 1995, whose lives change when they die and get transported to the year 2020 in Los Angeles. They are brought back as ghosts when a girl named Julie plays their CD.

This series shows how music can make you feel alive by showing that whether you are a ghost or not. For example, even though the band members died, they feel alive again by playing their music and being connected to it.

This show also portrays how music can connect people. After Julie’s mom died, she got involved in music right away, and she still feels connected to her mom. This message also relates to today’s music lovers who write songs and sing.

Also, “Julie and The Phantoms” shows how music can make memories come alive again. For example, Julie in the second episode finds out that playing music keeps her mom’s memory alive.

Overall, this film is inspiring to anyone who loves music whether you are a kid, teen or adult. These three positive messages that this series portrays not only relates to the cast members, but can relate to any individual who loves music. This movie highlights that music can have a different impact and meaning on each individual.

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