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Kanopy: Free Movies for Palomar Students and Staff

One of Palomar College’s newest features is that it is now offering a way to stream movies. By just logging in with your Palomar student ID, you can watch over 44 movies for free on a website called Kanopy.

The website has been around for some time, as it first launched in 2008. You can stream on any device by logging on through your laptop or downloading the app on your handheld device.

It has a wide range of content, but it mostly consists of older indie films, educational movies and documentaries. The tabs include The Arts, Business, Education, Global Studies & Language, Health, Media & Communications, Science, Social Sciences, Instructional Films and Lessons and Staff Picks. There are also a couple silent films.

Although the movies are a bit outdated and may not be commonly heard of, it has a lot of content for educational purposes. If you are looking to branch out into different genres, then this is definitely something you might be interested in. I would probably recommend it to some of my friends who are more into educational films and documentaries.

However, if none of those topics seem interesting, Kanopy may not be the best movie streaming device to use.

Everyone should still check it out given that it is available to all students with no restrictions or hidden costs.

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