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Why the Live Action 2020 ‘Mulan’ Should not be Boycotted

The live action 2020 “Mulan” should not be banned.

It is a Disney movie about a young girl and her journey to bring honor to her family. Disney took the classic animated “Mulan” and remade it into a new live action film.

Americans need to understand that the Chinese culture and way of life is different in China than in the U.S. The movie also showcases diversity very well, and portrays Mulan as independent and strong.

Since this movie was released, there has been a lot of controversy around whether or not it should be boycotted. One major reason is that Liu Yifei, who plays Mulan, supports Hong Kong police brutality.

Although there is much debate, we need to understand that the culture and government is different in China.

In regards to this controversy, Liu is not the only one to support Chinese officials. It is the norm because celebrities who have tried to go against government authority have later had career problems.

For example, Time Magazine reported last March that the singer Anthony Wong said he had lost “more than half of his annual income that came from China” after voicing his support for the Umbrella Movement in 2014. This event was a protest for more freedom in Hong Kong.

“I think they are trying to ban us because they’re afraid of different views,” Wong told the New York Times that year.

This is an example of why someone would possibly support government officials. A big factor has to do with the culture in China. Being a communist country, there are people trying to earn more freedom and less control.

The live-action “Mulan” is also great film that showcases diversity. Not only are there Chinese cast members, but Chinese-American. Some of the cast members include Gong Li, a Chinese-born Singaporean actress, Liu Yifei, a Chinese-American actress, and Jason Scott Lee, a Chinese-American actor.

Verge stated that “Mulan” is a milestone for Asian representation in American blockbuster cinema, “…a big-budget film without a single white actor [although plenty of white creatives are behind the camera] and a cast stacked with Asian American and East Asian talent.”

“Mulan” is not only great for its showcase of diversity, but also showing Mulan as an independent, strong and without needing help from others.

In addition, Verge said that “Mulan’s uncanny ability to tap into her Chi is what makes her a superhuman spear-kicking warrior essentially from birth.” Without Mushu, her sidekick in the animation version, Mulan is able to focus and connect more with her “inner Chi” and be independent and strong.

“Mulan” is a warm-hearted movie for children and adults that should not be boycotted. Not only is it a Disney classic, but it spreads a powerful and positive message about bravery as well.


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