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Transition Back to On-Campus Courses Will Be Gradual

Students walk by the Humanities building on the San Marcos campus April 23, 2014. Joe Davis/The Telescope
Students walk by the Humanities building on the San Marcos campus April 23, 2014. Joe Davis/The Telescope

Remote learning will continue into Spring 2021 at Palomar, but the summer and fall semesters are still undetermined.

The decision to continue utilizing distance education into 2021 was made in an effort to alleviate the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the safety of students, faculty and staff.

The transition back to onsite instruction will be a gradual process and is dependent on the state of the pandemic over the following months.

“We’re trying to be as organized and planful as possible in advance so that people know what to expect, particularly students,” said Interim Superintendent Jack Kahn, acknowledging that Palomar was one of the first institutions to decide whether the spring semester would be held primarily remotely.

There is a current list of classes that Palomar is planning to offer both onsite and online next semester, consisting of mostly public safety and nursing courses.

Kahn expressed his hope to truly begin the readjustment with second fast track classes in the spring, gradually providing more courses on campus over the summer semesters. These would include sections more difficult to operate online, such as science labs and general education courses.

Ideally, Kahn would like to return to normal instruction by Fall 2021 if the health crisis permits.

“I think we’ll all come out of this, be more resilient, having learned some things,” he said. “I hope that it will get us to appreciate [time spent face-to-face] when we’re together again and the positivity of what distance education allows.”

Palomar officials will be watching San Diego County outbreaks and case rates the remainder of this year and throughout the next to determine the method of instruction for the upcoming semesters. Updates are posted here on the school’s website.

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