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‘Amber Park’ Reaches Many with Familiar Elements

Melodic songs filled with life growth, loss and future dreams Mat Kerkes takes us on a journey in his newest EP “Amber Park.” This beautifully crafted EP gives the listener a glimpse into Kerkes’ mind. “Amber Park” offers a little something for everyone, whether that is harmonious solo voices, comforting lyrics, or relaxing instrumentals this EP deserves a listen.

With lyrics such as “I love you, but I ain’t getting much in return” Kerkes creates a relatable storyline of situations familiar to all. The songs speak often of returning home and how important this can be. A place to return home to after all is said and done gives a warmth feeling to this EP. Amber Park is described as a place and we can all create an Amber Park in our minds from home to relate to the lyrics.

“Merle” is track number four with lyrics such as “Don’t you leave me hanging around for long.” The painful feeling of being left behind by a partner pulls through this song and presents a message of underlying restlessness. “I play to the sound of my own sadness for weeks on end” leaves the listener with a painful twinge in the chest as the beautiful instrumentals hum a sadder tune in unison with the lyrics.

“Amber Park” encompasses many lyrics that can be interrupted by the listener. Each song has the ability to resonate differently amongst listeners and is the kind of EP I will be coming back to for years because of this adaptable message.

Kerkes places all listeners in his shoes as he sings about loss in “20**.” “If I don’t play your songs then I don’t cry no more.” The sadness in his is met with a clashing voice of hopefulness that resonates throughout the track. He reflects on the abilities of young adults to grow and change as humans but also the difficulty of letting go of past relationships.

No matter what state of life you are in this EP is worth a listen to enjoy the many beautiful songs Kerkes composes.


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