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Our Endorsement for Palomar College Trustee: District #2

Christian Garcia, candidate running for the 2020 Palomar College Governing Board election.
Palomar College Governing Board 2020 election candidate, Christian Garcia.

The Telescope has chosen to endorse Palomar College Governing Board candidate Christian Garcia for district #2.

We came to a conclusion following interviews conducted with both of the district’s candidates via Zoom. What ultimately led to Garcia’s endorsement was our belief that he would perform with the best interest of the campus community in mind, most importantly the student body.

He exhibited what appeared to be a deep understanding of real student needs and concerns, which heightened our confidence that he would serve as a reliable representation of Palomar students. His core goals to ensure student equity and success while remaining fiscally responsible emphasized his dedication to the school as a whole.

Moreover, he expressed a desire to improve the Board’s relations with students, faculty and staff, noting the disconnect between the campus government and the Palomar community.

Similarly, his sincerity and approachability in consolidation with his direct involvement with students on a consistent basis will help him better relate to the campus community overall.

We do, however, acknowledge that Garcia possesses little experience with campus governance, especially in comparison to his opponent. We hope he not only matches, but exceeds our expectations.

For the incumbent candidate we did not choose to endorse, Nina Deerfield, we pondered our choices for the district carefully. Both individuals displayed professionalism that would ultimately offer varying contributions to the college.

Although we were impressed by Deerfield’s extensive credentials and vast experience with the Governing Board over the past several years, we felt that she lacked understanding of the true needs of today’s student body. We did not question her passion or will to better Palomar for students, rather her focus on concerns that they deem most significant.

The outcome of the Governing Board election has the power to shape the standards of our education as well as impact each individual of the Palomar community.

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  • Christian Garcia 2020 election: Photo courtesy of Christian Garcia | Used With Permission
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