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October Netflix Releases

Oct. 1 is the first official day of spooky season!

Netflix will release 21 shows and 34 movies according to

On the first day, the Netflix original show “Good Morning Veronica” will be available to watch. It is a Brazilian crime-drama that is based on a book of the same name.

After Veronica Torres, a São Paulo police station clerk, witnesses a suicide, she has to face hard memories from her past. Shortly after the incident, Torres receives a call from a woman in trouble. This leads to her taking action and following the suicide case and the woman’s call on her own.

On the same day, “Hunt for Wilderpeople” will also be released. This is a highly praised indie-comedy that was written and directed by Taika Waititi and was released in 2016.

It follows a boy named Rickey Baker who is in the child services system. He ends up with a family in which the mother Bella breaks his defensive shell and connects with him while her husband Hec is not very involved nor interested.

Once Bella dies, Hec tells Rickey that he is sending him back to child services, which leads to Rickey faking his suicide and running off with his dog into the wilderness.

Hec finds Rickey but now everyone thinks that Hec is abusing Rickey, and Rickey doesn’t want to go back into the system. So they put their differences aside and run into the wilderness together while a manhunt is set out for them.

Another release is a Netflix original movie “StarBeam: Halloween Hero.”

The greedy Captain Fishbeard is stealing everyones candy for himself, but StarBeam and Boost have some tricks to stop Fishbeard and return the stolen candy.

I think the biggest new release is the Netflix original “Hubie Halloween”. Its a comedy-horror directed by Steven Brill and co-produced and co-written by and staring Adam Sandler. It has Sandlers usual cast of himself, Kevin James and Rob Schneider.

Hubie usually spends his Halloween making sure his neighbors are safe, but when a new neighbor moves in and people start disappearing Hubie gets a weird feeling. Hubie has to convince everyone in the city that monsters exist and that only he can stop them.

With this cast of comedy actors it looks to be a good film and will be released on Oct. 7.

This is just a glimpse of what Netflix is releasing in October, and it will be a good month for Netflix binge watchers.

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