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What’s That Noise? Dark Fortress’ New Album Release

The melodic black metal band, Dark Fortress, released a new album this year, “Spectres From the Old World.”

The tracks line up twelve mind-blowing songs that will have your eardrums exploding. Morean, the lead singer of Dark Fortress, breathes life into the maelstrom of the blackest black darkness.

Dark Fortress’ new release date was scheduled Feb. 28, however, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the upcoming concerts this year have been canceled. In all the calamity, Dark Fortress’ new release still delivers.

“Spectres From the Old World” introduces the album with the first song, “Nanscense,” a dark storm brewing up a rolling thunder of blast beats. The guitar solo in the fifth track, “Pali Aike,” rises in euphony. “Isa” is the seventh track that attacks the darkest canals of the cerebral cortex.

The journey of darkness continues onward to the interlude and tenth track, “Penrose Procession,” where you are reminded that you are not a light in the darkness but a dark becoming the blackest darkness—lest you forget.

Although in defiance with all great things that come to an end, the last track, “Nox Irae,” fades out to the never-ending darkness to conclude a great album.

Dark Fortress’ “Spectres From the Old World,” is now available in CD digipak in North America. Online album purchases can be made by visiting and

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