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Palomar graduation ceremony cancelled

Palomar officials have canceled graduation ceremonies that would’ve been held on May 22 as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

District officials are looking into potentially hosting an online commencement. Julie Lanthier Bandy, Director of Public Relations, said that school officials have formed a committee and are looking for a way to hold a virtual graduation ceremony.

No decision has been made and officials will let students know once they have more information.

With so much uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, Palomar officials want to do their part to help decrease the spread of the virus, which is why they cancelled the ceremony instead of postponing it.

Palomar College student Brad Gonzales, set to graduate this semester, said he was sad that there wouldn’t be an in-person ceremony, but he would still attend online.

Lanthier Bandy said that the past month has been tough for faculty, but they are proud at how they are overcoming obstacles to put the students in a position to succeed.


Any students that are still struggling with the online transition can still reach out to the academic tutors to get extra help with classes.

This change doesn’t affect how students receive their diplomas, they will be sent in the mail like always.

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