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In a world with no sports

If you’re reading this article right now, you’re probably thinking about how much you miss sports.

I miss sports too.

But this is the curveball that life has thrown us, and we must knock it out of the park.

NFL Free agency began today and some key players have already been dealt (See Deandre Hopkins trade). 


But I want to skip past that and take a look at what we can do, now that there are no sports to watch…

Watch Sports Movies

When you have an addiction, you can’t just go cold turkey to move past it. There are steps you take in order to overcome your addiction. So why not enjoy some sports movies like: “The Sandlot,” “Remember The Titans,” “DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story,” “Blind Side,” and so many more. You’ll be going for days on end satisfying your sports vice.

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Read a Book

A 21-year-old is suggesting you should read a book. I know school made reading books like ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ a requirement and now you resent books. They’re not sports, but there are plenty of sports stories that are told from page to page. Ali: A Life, Moneyball and The Illustrated History of Football, are all good books to start with.

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Marble Racing?

Yup, I might be losing my marbles in quarantine, but this is the entertainment I never knew I needed in my life. You’re welcome.


Dribble a Basketball

Parents reading this might not appreciate the suggestion, but it’s time to put all those hours of watching basketball to good use by working on your dribbling skills. If you live alone, great! If you’re at home with your parents, wife or anyone else who can’t stand the noise of the grind, well, good luck future baller.

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ReWatch Classic Games

This is for the true die hards of any sport. There are plenty of big games from all sports that will be playing on network tv, as stations like ESPN and FS1 begin running out of programming ideas. So no matter who your team is (except the Browns), I’m sure there will be a memorable game for you to rewatch to bring you back to the glory days of your sports fanatic career.

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So yes the world is descending into mayhem and sports are no longer there to keep our minds off of the misery. But other than finding ways to be productive, these are a few ways you can spend your days as we draw closer and closer to a nationwide quarantine.

Or you can be like me and drown yourself into hours of writing sports blogs, with no sports.

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