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KKSM radio show showcases local talent

Palomar’s radio station host a wide variety of radio shows including Rob Blackwells Not So Serious.

Not So Serious is a live radio show on KKSM 1320 AM from 7 to 9 p.m. on Wednesday nights. Blackwell has hosted the show since 2015.

During those years, Blackwell originally started the show by playing indie music for listeners. He then had the idea to provide listeners with a show that showcased live bands.

Blackwell first had the idea of starting a show having live band performances on KKSM after doing a radio production class at Palomar College in 2015. KKSM Station Manager Zeb Navarro gave the green light for the idea to feature live bands.

Blackwell added that he chose to stay at KKSM, saying the station gives him a freedom other bigger stations wouldn’t provide him with.

“I wanted to have fun doing my own ideas instead of having big stations in the area control what I want to do,” Blackwell said. “[I wanted] to have fun doing it.”

When Blackwell added that the best part of doing live shows is when he gets to create a fun environment for anyone listening or present during the live show.

Blackwell seeks out and contacts local bands through social media to book them for a segment on ‘Not So Serious’.

Recently, Blackwell invited Dulaney and Company, a local band in San Diego known for their blues, folk and Americana inspired songs.

To watch these bands perform live in-person, students and community members can visit the station from 7 to 9 p.m. on Wednesday nights in Room Q-1 at the San Marcos campus. For more information on Not So Serious, visit their Instagram page at @notsoserious.

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