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Gears of War 5 worth the grind?

Only weeks into the release of Gears of War 5, many students of Palomar are pressing pause on their Xbox controllers and are moving on to another game.

The widely-known Microsoft Windows and Xbox One Game Studio exclusively published game, Gears of War 5, developed by The Coalition, was released on Sept. 10, and for Xbox’s Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, it was available early on Sept. 6.

Gears 5 is the seventh game in the Gears of War series and the sixth failed attempt. The original Gears of War was epic, it was a game changer of its time. But ever since, the games that have come after have been let-downs.

Though there is hype for every Gears of War game that comes out, there was especially more surrounding Gears 5.

As the days and hours approached to release, whoever purchased the game was able to pre-download it for an even quicker starting time.

This idea backfired and caused basically millions of people to attempt to start the game at the same time, crashing the servers until the next morning. Server crashes like this are often a complaint of gamers, especially when games often cost $60 or more, and should be finished prior to release.

After finally being able to play the game we all just bought, things weren’t as they were supposed to be.

The game preview mentioned that there would be a full three-player campaign mode, which is a cooperative attempt at the story of the game. Many of us who play with friends were excited to complete this with our own groups. Eventually, we found out it was only playable fully by two people.

This was also disappointing because one friend out of every group had to basically play the entire story mode alone.

The storyline itself was like those from every other Gears of War ever, except a little “prettier,” said by Palomar student, Robert Stiles. He continued with, “They put so much effort into stuff that doesn’t matter. It’s like they just put on a nicer coat of paint. Not very creative if you tell me.”

Many others were not happy with the final product of Gears 5 or simply do not play Gears of War anymore. Another Palomar student, George Peinado had this to say, “I remember playing Gears on my original Xbox. It was really fun but once they started making more Gears games I got over it and went to Halo and Madden. I haven’t played Gears in 10 years.”

When it came to the other ways to play Gears 5, like Horde and Versus, there were only a few guns and maps added to the series. Escape is a new game-type, but it has gotten very little praise and playtime. The concept of basically running away from the enemies doesn’t hold over well in the gaming community.

With many other new titles coming out this season, like Borderlands 3 on Sept. 13, and the new Call of Duty coming on Oct. 25, gamers are just over Gears 5.

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