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U.S keep your hands off Venezuela

Under the flashing lights of gunfire, a woman screams for her child, the Venezuelan flag is carried by a man with bandana running across the street, the smell of gunfire filled the air.

As the United States begins to support the interim president Juan Guiado, the current president Nicolas Maduro has kept a tight grip to power relying mostly on his military commanders and some supporters, but what makes the United States interested in Venezuela is one resource, oil, Venezuela according to the organization of the petroleum exporting (OPEC) has the largest oil reserves in the world leading with 24.9 percent of oil, this should not come as a surprise as when we invaded Iraq and made our richest oil moguls richer.

We need to keep in mind that our executive branch is staffed with people that will greatly benefit a coup and exploiting the oil reserves in Venezuela.

Take for instance John Bolton who is Donald trumps war whisperer, in an interview on Fox News he admittedly said, “It will make a big difference to the United States economically if we could have American oil companies invest in and produce the oil capabilities in Venezuela.”

This is not a human rights issue it is a matter of corporations not getting their bellies filled with money and power.

Therefore we should not support a coup in Venezuela because it won’t benefit the working class, instead, it will only benefit the plutocrats of Venezuela.

The United States should not adopt a warhawk diplomacy filled with violence and bloodshed because only the common people will suffer as it has right now.

Donald Trump has repeatedly displayed cold war tactics with supporting Juan Guaido the interim president that has called himself the president of Venezuela. This is not to say Venezuela is suffering a humanitarian crisis, it most definitely is but the intentions of the United States is more sinister than it looks to be.

In fact, the United States is the biggest hypocrite in this situation, according to the United States supports 73 percent of the world’s dictatorships. Though the Republican warhawks will sing kumbaya with Donald Trump for their gain for riches and exploitation of the Venezuelan people.

Though the Warhawks of this administration has repeatedly used the moronic reason to state that the support of this coup will give great benefits to the Venezuelan people as well as the American people. But the fact is that there will be no benefits on either side, the Venezuelan people will be still be starving and be economically distressed while the American people will only witness another regime change and mass genocide, all the while the bellies of the plutocrats will only grow bigger.

The only coup the United States should support is the one domestically. We must remove Donald Trump from office and remove his crown of power of the executive branch.

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