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How students can improve their internet privacy

How students can improve their internet privacy

One of the most life-changing and awe-inspiring innovations in human history is the introduction and ongoing advancement of the world wide web. At the time of the internet discovery, it was considered a luxury, however, over time it evolved to become the fourth most important thing to survive after water, air, and food. Today, we are as familiar with the internet as we are with our own likeness in the bathroom mirror in the morning (for the most part).

The internet as an instrumental tool in education

These days, everyone uses the internet for everything. Students used it to research their assignments. Professionals use it to work. Entire industries use it to increase their awareness, knowledge, exposure, and reach. In the case of higher education students specifically, the internet is an ongoing source of free-flowing information that can be and often is used to help those students with everything from researching information to submitting their finished assignments through the online portal.

With the use of the internet, comes the risk of potential threats as well. Students enter their data every time they log on to school devices or join their school’s wireless internet connection. All this information is stored online, and if students are not careful, they leave it susceptible to threats from malicious parties and systems. With so much personal and sensitive information stored online, internet privacy has never been more important for students (and for everyone, for that matter).

How students can ensure their privacy online

Aside from being careful with internet use and installing anti-malware and basic device security software on their devices, students today thankfully have another platform for online protection. Virtual private networks (or VPNs) are designed to create a virtual cloak over an individual’s activity online, as well as the IP address of the individual’s device. Students looking to ensure they have the utmost privacy and security online must actively look for authentic VPN reviews and then select the best option. After installation, having the VPN active whenever using the internet effectively masks the students’ IP address, giving them a sense of privacy in the online landscape.

Why internet privacy is crucial for students

The value of internet privacy (and privacy in general, for that matter) for students is essentially priceless. With so much student information – including grades, student records, health records, contact and emergency information, etc – swirling around the online stratosphere at any given time, it goes without saying that students are vulnerable when they are online. For students to be able to have complete security online, they must be willing to do their homework and figure out which solutions are necessary to keep their device – and themselves – safe and secure online.

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