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Looking for some podcasts? Here are some staff favorites

In today’s media, podcasts are becoming more common and more frequently listened to. Here is a list compiled by our staff, recommening their favorite podcasts, from arts to history and sports to religion.

Very Really Good – Kurtis Conner

Recommended by: Victoria Price

Kurtis Conner is a Viner-turned-YouTuber who also happens to have a really cool podcast. If you’re looking for something light hearted and entertaining, this is your go-to. His episodes are full of awkward but funny humor, embarassing stories, and hot topic (but not really) debates, with some Q&A sessions thrown into the mix. Overall, this is an easy but enjoyable listen and it’s definitely worth listening to if it’s something you’re interested in.

The Joe Rogan Experience – Joe Rogan

Recommended by: Justin Enriquez

Joe Rogan’s podcast is a mix of all things. One day it could be comedic and some other day it can be more in depth and intellectually based. In some cases, Rogan talks about health, politics, technology and economics all in the same day. His interviews with people are astounding to hear on the way to work or school. It is diverse if you want to listen to someone talk about covering the cartels in Mexico or how a UFC fighter almost drowned while cave diving.

Starting 9 – Jared Carrabis

Recommended by: Krista Moore

The list of sports podcast is long but for baseball fans around the world Starting 9 is the place to go. Hosted by blogger Jared Carrabis, and former MLB pitch Dallas Braden from Barstool sports, the podcast used to talk about trending baseball topics and news. The pod also features interviews from players around the league giving fans another way to learn about their favorite players.

Lore – Aaron Mahnke

Recommended by: Richard Contreras

Lore is a well-researched podcast that tells non-fiction stories of supernatural events and other creepy themes. It has won several awards and has two seasons of a television series available on Amazon Prime.

The Caliphate – the New York Times/Rukmini Callimachi

Recommended by: Linus Smith

This podcast follows Rukmini Callimachi, the Isis beat reporter for the New York Times Isis beat reporter, as she investigates the inner workings of the Islamic State. In the podcast Callimachi interviews a former Isis member, known by his Isis callsign, Abu-Huzaifa, who was a part of the Isis police force, known as the al-Hisba. The on-record interview covers everything from how Isis conducted its recruitment, to how they prepared people to carry out terrorist attacks and perform executions. This podcast provides a deep insight to the Islamic State in digestible 20 – 30 minute episodes.

Girlfriends – Danielle Bean

Recommended by: Ana Acosta

“Girlfriends” is a podcast specifically targeted towards Catholic women in all walks of life. Danielle Bean answers questions regarding the Catholic faith, advice on how to overcome daily hardships, and other encouraging topics like how to spread joy and be patient. My favorite episode from the podcast is titled “How to banish FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).”

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