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Bring on the madness

Story by Nathan Navida

Creating predictions for March Madness is extremely difficult to do.

No one is safe from elimination, not even the best. Everyone’s wondering who are the guaranteed picks and who could be the “bracket busters.”

Upsets are inevitable during March Madness but Duke is one team in particular that will go pretty far. The Blue Devils are currently ranked in the top 3 and a lot of people are looking towards star forward Zion Williamson to get healthy and Mike Krzyzewski to coach them to six national titles.

Like I said earlier, upsets are always bound to happen and Virginia may be one of those teams to be leaving disappointingly early. The main reason being that their style of game will not keep up with more high caliber teams who may be ranked lower. According to NCAA(National Collegiate Athletic Association), they are in the top 10 when it comes to making three pointers but are not even in the top 100 when actually attempting three pointers.

A big underdog that no one may be talking about is Houston. They are ranked No. 9 in the nation and their defense is the main reason why. They only allow 60 points per game which is fifth best in the nation according to NCAA. As the saying goes, “The best defense is a good offense.”

If you’re searching for an Ivy league school to try to make some noise, keep your eye on Yale. They average over 80 points a game according to the NCAA. If they get the ball rolling they have the potential to cause trouble.

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