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Palomar’s Radio Station receives 18 award nominations

Story by Jonathan Sarabia

KKSM radio will be heading to New York City for the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System’s 79th annual international media conference from March 1-3.

Palomar’s Radio Station, KKSM, received multiple nominations from the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System’s (IBS) 79th annual media conference.

IBS presented the public with the 2019 college awards nominees on Dec. 20. In this release, KKSM was nominated 16 times as finalists. The radio station will compete against two other schools for the title of Best Community College Radio Station.

One of the nominations they received was for Best Underwriting Spot.

“I feel really honored I’m also so grateful for all the wonderful teachers and mentors that I’ve had at Palomar College,” Palmer Byrd, the voice for the audio commercial said.

A week later KKSM received the news that they received two additional nominations, leading to a total of 18 total nominations.

KKSM Station Manager Zeb Navarro noted that these nominations show the dedication of those involved with KKSM.

“Here we are, a two-year community college radio station with students that work full-time jobs taking their only day off to host their shows in a tough budget environment receiving these nominations,” Navarro said, “It feels great and it is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our staff who work hard every week to provide our listeners with entertainment, music, and amazing content.”

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