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5 Skills for Students Wanting to Ensure a Job Post-Graduation

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Often students are plagued with questions on what employers are looking for. What skills make students marketable? What are added bonus skills that advice articles won’t tell you? There are a few sneaky ways to make your resume stand out when looking for jobs. Here are 5 skills to start building while in college that you won’t regret:

  1. Seo Skills

Make sure to have a basis of how SEO works. There are many online courses that show you the importance of this skill and the reason it is useful in almost any company. Agencies like United Seo have the intentions to launch their clients to success. Knowing that seo can significantly change how often a website is viewed is reason enough to make this skill one of your top priorities. Nearly every business is interested in knowing the inner-workings and hiring someone who knows the ropes at least a little bit.

  1. Content Production Skills

Every company needs someone on the team who can at least know how photo and video production work. Having creative skills is always a great thing to have on your resume. This will show that you are well-rounded and inherently curious. It also doesn’t hurt to have employers see that you can use editing programs and make conceptual content that looks good. Content is getting more and more popular amongst competitive companies, so this skill will only help your chances of scoring your dream job post-graduation.

  1. A Variety of Useful Computer Programs

The more computer programs you know, the better. Adding anything computer-related to your resume is going to make you look like you can tackle any digital project thrown at you. In a technologically driven age, this will make you stand out. Employers will also see that you took initiative to learn computer programs that are useful across the board. It also shows that you can pick up and learn new programs quickly. This will surely increase your chances of getting the job.

  1. Writing and Editing

 Writing and editing is great to have knowledge of in any job. Think about how often people need someone to edit an email or properly word a sentence. This skill is just applicable throughout life and employers will know that. Brushing up on your AP style while in college is essential to grabbing the job you want. Showing that you have been able to relay thoughts through writing is a skill that can be used in every job.

  1. Communication Tactics

 Make sure you have positions on your resume that show that you are able to communicate. This might mean having a position where you had to manage or lead a group. Employers want to know that you can interact and communicate smoothly. This skill is often overlooked by students who are only focused on their GPA—so make sure to find opportunities to work on your communication skills.

You will have a job in no time with these applicable skills that you gathered while still in school.



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