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Trickle Down Economics is an archaic policy that needs to end

Trickle down economics’ is a one-sided fascist philosophy that consolidates wealth and power.

Franklin Roosevelt’s 1938 warning against corporate power wielding excessive power seems to have become a reality “A democracy is not safe if the people tolerate private power where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism, ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or private power”.

Trumps pledged to reduce the income inequality gap and bring good paying jobs to America. Fascism has been defined as a government that is the master of the people, not the servant.

Despite his masquerading as a hero of the working class “forgotten man”, Trump and the GOP policies seem to be serving mostly the wealthy class, not we the people.

Stagnant, low wages.

Trump promises the tax cuts will trickle down to workers and boost wages. But the Union-Tribune stated that over the last decade wages grew 2.9 percent while inflation grew 2.5 percent, meaning we are barely breaking even. In fact, under the new tax plan companies save money by moving jobs overseas. They are only charged a 10 percent tax on profits from factories abroad as opposed to a 20 percent tax on profits from factories in the U.S.


Trump promises Trickle down will boost Americans quality of life, so where are the results? According to Forbes, 40 percent of Americans make less than $31,000 and 45 million Americans live below the poverty line of earning only $12,000 per year.

Corporate welfare

If Trickle down’s promise of a better life was true, then why would so many workers need public assistance? According to Forbes, so many Wal-Mart workers are on public assistance it cost taxpayers over 6 billion last year, while it’s estimated that 10 to 30 percent of Amazon workers receive federal relief.

Health care costs up

If the GOP tax bill helps the middle class why is Medicare and health care premiums projected to increase 20 percent next year? Republican lawmakers have already proposed cutting $537 billion from Medicare over the next years to pay back the increasing deficit. This because the new Trickle down plan brings in no revenue and gives most of the breaks to the wealthiest 1 percent. This raises the deficit by almost $2 trillion.

Palomar College Economics Professor Jose Esteban says, ”The effectiveness of trickle-down economics is debatable but most economists who are non-partisan will tell you that it really has not worked the way it was expected to”.

To be honest even Neo-liberalists have promoted some of these corporate policies. But Americans so desperate for help fall prey to the polarizing tribal fascist chants of “Build that wall” or “lock her up”. Trump had a history of cutting wages and outsourcing jobs and ignoring the rights of the individual even before he was elected. The only wall Trump is building is the one to keep the middle class out of the ruling class.

Trump blames the bad economy on people with brown skin while defending the brown shirts.

This coming election, we need to vote for candidates that won’t bow to corporate influence.

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