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Spotify: superior streaming service

As technology progresses, so does accessibility. For decades, music was only accessible through mediums like vinyl, cassette tapes, CDs, and digital downloads. Now, we see the rise of streaming services.

With the decline in music sales in both digital (through services like iTunes) as well as physical (namely CDs), who is to blame? Services like Spotify and Apple Music are becoming more and more popular, and many people debate between the two. So, which really is better? Apple Music or Spotify?

Apple Music is a streaming service through, of course, Apple. The service retails for $10/month (they also offer a free three-month trial), and lets you stream almost anything that is available for purchase in the iTunes system. You can listen to albums in full as well as make playlists. Many people like Apple Music for its simplicity anddesign, praising it for its clean and simple setup and color scheme. You are also able to upload music you have already purchased and add it to your library and playlists.


Spotify music versus Apple music. Emily Whetstone/ The Telescope
Spotify music versus Apple music. Emily Whetstone/ The Telescope

While Apple Music sounds great, they do have some issues. Apple Music does not offer a free plan for users after the three-month trial, so if you want to continue using the service, you do have to pay the $10 every month. Users have also complained about the app having bugs and continual errors.


Spotify is also $10/month for a premium subscription, but if you are a college student, you will get the service for $5/month and it will also include movie and TV streaming service Hulu, which already makes that a pro for students. Spotify tends to have more underground and lesser known music, since it’s more difficult for artists to get their music to Apple. Both services let you download albums and your own playlists, so you can listen offline. Spotify music does offer a free version for users, unlike Apple Music.

Spotify also curates playlists designed around your listening habits, regardless of your subscription type, and the type of artists and genres you listen to. Every week, Spotify gives you a Discover Weekly playlist, filled with new artists that they think you would like. It gives you the freedom to explore new artists and find new songs that you’ll love and continue to listen to.

Some of the only cons surrounding the use of Spotify is regarding the free version. A regular Spotify subscription is filled with advertisements, limited numbers of skips, and the inability to listen offline. However, those issues are resolved with the payment of a premium subscription.

So, which is a better choice, and worthy of your money? The answer should be clear: Spotify.

Spotify is a great deal, especially for college students. Paying only $5/month to have all of your music ready to listen to without Wi-Fi, not having a limited number of skips, and no ads, plus the benefits of Hulu, makes Spotify all the more worthwhile. So, if you’re looking for a great music streaming service, Spotify is your go-to.


Image Sources

  • SpotifyApple.Whetstone: Emily Whetstone/ The Telescope | All Rights Reserved
  • SpotifyApple.Whetstone: Emily Whetstone/The Telescope | All Rights Reserved
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