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Don’t waste your money on a Mac

It seems that everywhere you look, you see the overpriced MacBook.

The newer models cost at the lowest, $1,000 and are very limited when compared to the other choices of laptops that are offered. With the students primary needs for a laptop being simple tasks such as Microsoft Word and Powerpoint, why spend $1,000 on a laptop, that a $300 laptop can do?

Looking in the present, the price of laptops have fallen significantly and are more affordable to the average consumer. In the premium laptop market, the MacBook’s fiercest competitors are the Ultrabook’s built by various large computer companies. There is a wide variety of choices to choose from, for much less the price of the MacBook’s.

These Ultrabooks are fast and reliable, and their many features outperform the MacBook’s, such as, their higher storage capabilities and the much needed ports for file transfer, such as the USB drive.

Apple’s MacBook’s have major drawbacks in comparison to the cheaper alternatives.

On some of the MacBooks you only have Apple’s Thunderbolt charger port and one USB type C port, meaning if you have files on a flash drive, you must buy an adapter in order to access the files on the flash drive. If you like taking pictures and want to transfer your files onto the MacBook for editing or storing, you must also buy an adapter for it.

So besides already paying a lot for a laptop, you must also spend upwards to $100 to be able to use your other devices.

In 2017 and 2018, many Ultrabooks come with touch display, The MacBook does not. The MacBooks also have a major problem with display that is not addressed enough.

The display of 13.3 inches for the cheapest laptop is terrible. It is way too small for a laptop of that price range and the low resolution is not comparable to the higher-end displays of the Ultrabook’s.

Ever since the 2015 MacBook air came out, the laptop has seen little improvement, and lacks the retina display technology offered by their own company who makes it. All major personal computer companies have their own Ultrabook. HP has one, Dell has one, Lenovo has one, etc. and they all come for prices significantly lower than the overpriced and very limited MacBook.

According to PCWorld, an online publication, the biggest ultrabook competitor to the Macbook is the Dell XPS series.

The XPS series comes with one of the latest Powerful Intel Processor i7, and best of all, it has all the ports you may need for your personal use, including the much needed USB and SD card ports. It also comes with a much-needed touch display.

Why would you spend over a thousand dollars on such a limited device, when other options are way better for a more affordable price?

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