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Poshmark provides money for college students

Poshmark is a trending application to make money off of the old clothes in your closet.

Posh has created a community for college students known as #PoshOnCampus. Spring 2018 is the fifth semester for this community. Students can apply before the start of the college semester to be a Poshmark Representative for the #PoshOnCampus association.

As a college student it is important to attain as much experience and skills as you can while you’re still in college. As students we are constantly trying to build our resumes in order to help us stand out in a job competitive world.

Pippa Pierce, the Career Center Coordinator stated, “I can’t speak to this specifically because I haven’t researched it and those are things we would do to make sure they line up with what we want for our Palomar students. But, any type of experience in the field that you are going into, certainly would be beneficial for your end game of getting employment as soon as you graduate.”

What is #PoshOnCampus?

According to the Poshmark blog, #PoshOnCampus is a community designed by Poshmark to give college students real life marketing experience in the fashion community as well as in social media platforms.

What is a Poshmark Representative?

A Poshmark representative is a Poshmark user that builds a Posh community on their campus. Poshmark lists the responsibilities on their blog as follows:

1) Recruit new Poshmark users

2) Host fashioned-themed parties on your campus

3) Organize listing parties

4) Market the app on social media and host online Posh parties

Reps work to represent the fashion community on their campus and help students to create their own fashion boutique with the potential of building an income from it.

Poshmark donated $500 this year to three associations of choice from three Poshmark Reps with outstanding achievements. One of the students is 23-year-old California State University of Long Beach (CSULB) student, Manal Saad.

Saad is studying for her master’s in mathematics. She began using Poshmark to get rid of a few old things in her closet. She realized that she could use her skills in numbers to build a business and has begun to use Poshmark as a way of generating income.

“When I first started I was just selling things from my closet, so things that I maybe used a couple times and are kind of new and didn’t know what to do with them. After I sold a couple things…I started buying some new stuff that was maybe on sale at stores such as Marshalls, TJMax, or Macy’s…and it kind of took off from there,” said Saad.

How does #PoshOnCampus benefit you as a student?

“I have been a #PoshOnCampus rep for three semesters now and I have met a bunch of different students on campus that I didn’t know were Poshmark users. We hosted a couple meet and greets at coffee shops. We just help each other out to become a better seller,” explained Saad.

If you are interested in becoming a #PoshOnCampus Ambassador, all you need is to be a Poshmark user that is attending a college or university in the U.S. Apply by filling out the application on the Poshmark website and submit an essay on what Posh means to you and why you would like to represent #PoshOnCampus at your college.


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