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Rise of the millennial impact in future politics

Us Millennials are smarter than those Baby Boomers, it’s in the facts.

Up until now, the whole country was controlled by Baby Boomers, those who were born in the range of the 1940s to the mid 1960s. We’ve entered the future now, where cars park themselves, we have artificial intelligence, and quite frankly, we’re smarter, with 61 percent having attended college in comparison to the 46 percent of Baby Boomers. Not to mention, Millennials are the first generation to be entirely plugged into the internet from the time they were small tykes.

Infographic by Savhanna Vargas/ The Telescope
Infographic by Savhanna Vargas/ The Telescope

But how does this affect us currently? According to the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement, people 65+ are 53 percent Republican voters and on the other hand, ages 18-29 are 55 percent Democrat voters.

Another survey conducted by the PEW Research Center states that, “only 34 percent of people of age 65+ use social media, compared to the 86 percent of people ages 18-29.”

Yet, millennials are the unmotivated, uneducated generation? Older generations fear that we listen to far too much fake news, and that we’re all so easily impressionable – that any news, is news to us.

False. Millennials are exposed to everything. We see Trump’s nasty posts, first. We know he has no clue what he’s doing. We see the backlash and arguments from both political parties. Millennials have front row seats to every, post, every time. We follow a good Twitter argument when we see one.

Another large issue that comes into play, is the amount of millennials that actually vote, according to a study in,

Only 19 percent of votes come from the ages 18-29. Yet, that age group makes up close to 53.7 million people. That’s 53.7 million people that could be making a difference. That’s almost 16 percent that could be changing the pattern of society.

With the help of the handy-dandy internet, this age group could spread so much awareness throughout society. And already, the popular vote went to to Hillary Clinton. Although it’s a whole other story, that would have been great for the future of the environment, feminism, equality in general, and so many more social issues we face in society today.

The Boomlets or the Z generation, are the newest members of society. The second generation, next to the millennials, to be exposed to great amounts of technology from an early age. Typically, schools don’t teach politics until late high school. If schools implemented my political talk from earlier on in high school, and even middle school, then children entering adulthood might have a much higher chance of making more educated decisions and would be able to think critically about their votes.

With the outrage of white supremacy, racisms, sexism and all of the “isms” the biggest problem we face now, is the fact that we allow the older generations to control how society works. It’s time for a new impact. The Millennial Impact. Where the younger generations rise and truly create change.

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  • Millennial_Vargas_Graphic: The Telescope Newspaper | All Rights Reserved
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