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Is secession the best for Californians? (Con)

Gov. Jerry Brown separates California from rest of country. Kitty Penny/The Telescope
Gov. Jerry Brown separates California from rest of country. Kitty Penny/The Telescope

The push to make California it’s own country is a terrible movement made by the cry-babies of America who are throwing a temper tantrum because their presidential candidate lost.

This movement is an awful idea due to the fact there is no constitutional right to secede, we may not be as rich as we think we are once the top 1 percent in California leaves. Also, we have no viable source of freshwater here, we will get no federal aid for natural disasters/disasters in general, we have no chance of passing an amendment in congress allowing us to secede, and lastly the U.S. WILL send the military to bring us back if we do this unconstitutionally.

According to a poll done by the University of California Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies, 56 percent of Democrats oppose CALexit. It should be clear to these people that when the majority of your political party disagrees with your movement, then maybe it’s a bad idea.

Additionally, there is no clear way to be certain whether or not we are getting back what we are spending on taxes and if we would even be able to fund our own schools, health care, social security, and defense without federal help.

Also, the majority of our fresh water comes from the Colorado river. Why should the U.S. help our new country with water, what’s in it for them?

California is at huge risk of natural disasters. Whether it be earthquakes, wildfires, flood relief money, or nuclear power plant failure at the San Onofre plant, we would receive zero help from anyone except ourselves, which in some instances, isn’t enough.

For example, last march California governor Jerry Brown asked for federal help on flood relief due to the near failure of the damaged spillways on the Oroville Dam. His request was granted. Without the federal funding we would not have been able to fix this issue.

Looking onto the possibility of an amendment being passed to let California be its own nation, the answer is a flat out no. This isn’t due to the current Republican controlled Congress but the fact that more than half of Democrats oppose calexit meaning there isn’t even a slight chance of it being passed at a state level.

The final point is a hypothetical. Lets say the majority of democrats and republicans in California have a change of heart and decides to support Calexit.

The U.S. would not stand for this and they will occupy this new found “Nation.” They will force us to come back. They will respond with deadly force if we try to resist with our own use of force (which will be very hard to do given that we have extremely strict gun laws). California will be back into the U.S. within short notice.

Whether these ill-educated tantrum throwing cry-babies like it or not, California isn’t going anywhere.

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