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Student showcase arrives in Boehm

Boehm Gallery. Gustavo Cristobal/The Telescope
Boehm Gallery. Gustavo Cristobal/The Telescope

Several art mediums by fresh artists at Palomar will be showcased at the Boehm Art Gallery in “Fresh”, the annual student art exhibition, from May 1-23.

According to Gallery Coordinator Kylee McDowell, art pieces are chosen by professors to represent their class. One student per class per semester is chosen to have their work on display. The student exhibition has been around ever since the Boehm Gallery opened in the 60’s, and has been called “Fresh” for seven years. Painting, drawing, metal, wood, bronze, ceramics, and glass art pieces are all shown off in the exhibition.

Many professors allow the best pieces to be chosen by a vote of students in the class, with the most popularly voted piece being the submission to the art show. Submissions were chosen on April 17, and students may choose whether or not to sell their work. According to Gallery Director Michael Hernandez, about 100 art pieces are being displayed.

Hernandez said that one effect of the show is making students more aware of the variety of art classes held at the college.

“It really helps people to be able to sort of pick and choose what type of field, or type of approach, what type of medium they want to explore,” said Hernandez.

The art show is named “Fresh” as a metaphor for beginning artists, or students, in comparison to the annual fall faculty show, “Ripe”, a metaphor for more experienced artists.

“Those are the two shows that we have from people on campus. The rest of the shows we have during the year are usually professional artists from all over the country,” said McDowell.

Digital Arts Professor Jay Schultz, annually creates a digital show that displays the best work of the past year from all his classes, as well as other digital classes in the department. It includes music, animations, stills, and fade effects. He enjoys being able to display the wide range of work created by his students. He estimates that about 30 or 35 of his students will have work presented at the exhibition.

“The really cool thing is that because most artwork in the student show, instructors only get to choose a couple pictures cause of wall space, but I get to show a little more work than other people,” said Schultz.

The exhibition is in conjunction with the art department open house on May 5, 5-8:00 p.m, which will be showcasing the works done in various art classrooms at the same time as “Fresh”, and McDowell expects this to increase reception of the art exhibition.


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