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Snatch the Snapchat specs

Snapchat the innovative application it already is with over a 150 million users has created the next big thing, Snapchat Spectacles. Snapchat Spectacles are sunglasses that allow the user to take pictures and film 10 second videos through the sunglass lens.

The sunglasses connect to your phone through the app to use as a viewfinder and post your videos or photos. The glasses also come with a case that charges the glasses when needed.

The design of the actual sunglasses are pretty cool with circular shape lens and the camera located at the top corner of the lens. It’s like wearing a GoPro on your head except it’s less noticeable being on your sunglasses.

What really makes Snapchat so genius is the exclusivity and uniqueness on how one can come by a pair of these! Snapchat created the Snapbot essentially a vending machine that randomly shows up in popular cities. The first snapbot appeared on the streets of Venice beach, CA.  

Once you find the Snapbot the cost for a pair is $130. Of course this exclusivity on finding an having a pair is what has made them even more desirable to own. Snapchat offers a map to help people find the Snapbot’s next location, but the website is just as confusing and mysterious.

So is it the search for a pair that makes them so desirable or the actual technology of the camera itself? It’s both! These glasses are allowing the user to film their life from their personal eye perspective. While also being “cool” because they are so rare.

If you can’t find the next Snapbot machine you might be able to find a pair being resold on Ebay or other sites going for $300 or more.  

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