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Good news for picky eaters

Scared to try a new dish? You’re not alone.

When going to a new restaurant and looking at a menu one has a very important decision to make which is what to order. Many will make a risky decision and follow their cravings by ordering something new on the menu. However, there are those who will rely on “safe foods”, a dish one is familiar with and repeatedly orders regardless of the restaurant.


Personally, when I go to a new Chinese restaurant I always go with orange chicken and chow mein. I know the taste and therefore choose a dish I am familiar with and know I won’t be surprised or disappointed. This has been a topic in many discussions with my friends when we go out for lunch and deciding what to order.


According to the Institute of psychology of eating, “Limiting our food choices will also overemphasize the toxic or problematic nature of certain foods – examples of this include gluten, sugar, GMOs, and others”. With this in mind, ordering the same food will eliminate the risks of consuming any toxins or extra sugars in our body we are not familiar with.


From past experiences I’ve had the worse luck when trying out a new dish sometimes it’s just not what I had pictured in my head or did not meet my expectations. I personally prefer playing it safe and paying for something i’ve tried and enjoyed before. However, it might not be about the fear of trying a new dish but the trust we have towards safe foods. In reality, I am just scared to order a new dish and be disappointed with the taste and not eat the food I paid for.

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