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Tuition payment made easier

Photo Illustration by Tracy Grassel/The Telescope
Photo Illustration by Tracy Grassel/The Telescope

Palomar College has launched a new service for students to make payments on their tuition fees at enrollment.

As of today, the college will be using Nelnet, a student loan servicer, for students to make monthly payments on their semester’s tuition. Students must pay a $25 participation fee, make a $35 down payment and then select from three monthly payment plans in order to effectively pay their tuition for the semester.

Payment plans include the following:

1) A four month plan

2) A three month plan

3) A two month plan

Director of Fiscal Services Carmen Coniglio said that the team got together around April 2015 and spent roughly four months improving the payment options offered to students. She acknowledged that the college is aware that it is difficult for most students to pay their entire tuition up front.

Coniglio stated that the team was, “looking for ways to provide alternate payment plans for students so they can afford their payments.”

Students using the Nelnet plan can:

1) Receive text alerts

2) Take advantage of the automatic payments

3) Set up their accounts for third parties to make additional payments on their behalf.

Now with every great idea, there comes a downside. Students must be responsible for signing up, knowing their payment dates and of course there are a few exceptions to those who cannot participate in the payment plan.

Exceptions to the plan include:

1) If a student is receiving the Board of Governors Waiver

2) If a student does not have a minimum balance of 100 dollars

“Students need to know what they are signing up for and know their payment dates,” Coniglio said.

As of now, if a student fails to pay their tuition up front they are dropped from their registered classes at enrollment. Palomar is hoping that this will give students the opportunity to take advantage of priority registration, as well as increase the schools enrollment overall.

“We are very excited that students will have an option,” Director of Communications, Marketing and Public Affairs Laura Gropen said. “Students will be able to better identify the classes they want earlier because they can enroll earlier because there is a payment plan option for them.”

The team is developing the frequently asked questions section about the program for the Palomar website. Additionally, they are working with Nelnet to release the option for this coming enrollment period.

If a payment plan is of further interest, then for more information contact admissions at (760) 744-1150 ext. 2164 or at

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