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Destination ‘Our Town’

Cast members rehearsing for upcoming school production “Our Town” at the Palomar studio Theatre on sept. 22. Idmantzi Torres/ The Telescope.
Cast members rehearsing for upcoming school production “Our Town” at the Palomar studio Theatre on sept. 22. Idmantzi Torres/ The Telescope.

The first play of the 2016 fall theater season is coming soon to Palomar campus. “Our Town,” a play written by Thornton Wilder and to be directed by Dana Case, will be running from Oct. 7 to the 16 at the Howard Brubeck Theatre.

“Our Town” is a Pulitzer prize winning three-act play, written in 1938, that tells the story of a fictional American town called Grover’s Corners. By witnessing the everyday activities of the towns citizens you are given a glimpse into the lives of those who lived there during the years from 1901 to 1914.

“I think it’s an excellent choice to get the season going,” said Randy Hoffman, publicity and program coordinator for the Performing Arts department. “It’s an instantly recognizable title.”

Director Case, also a professor of Theater Arts at Palomar College, writes in her director’s note that she wants those who attend the play to take away a strong message.

“This experimental play asks us to do away with the artifice of theatre and venture into the simplicity of the story and the storyteller,” writes Case. “It is a compelling testament to the human spirit and the American ideal of hardworking, honest people.”

The play is divided into three acts, with each focusing on different aspects of life in Grover’s Corners. The first act is focused on the daily life of those in town. After being given a history of the town by character Professor Willard, audience members are shown a glimpse into the daily lives of some members of the community.

Act two is set three years after the initial beginning of time in the play, and is focused on love and marriage in Grover’s Corners. Specifically you witness the progression of a relationship between two characters, Emily Webb and George Gibbs. Deeply in love, both realize that their paths of life will change if they choose to marry, and must decide whether doing so would be the right thing for themselves.

Act three is the final act of the play, and is focused heavily on death and the idea of eternity, seeking to provoke thought about the value of life and what comes after. Nine years have now passed, and the audience is given a summary of events that have occurred in that time. This includes a synopsis on those who have passed away, as we are brought to a funeral for one of the community members. The final scene is one of tragedy, meant to leave the audience feeling somber yet hopeful.

Tickets for “Our Town” start at $10 for students, $12 for seniors, and $15 for general admission. Start times are 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 2 p.m. on Sunday. For more information on Palomar performing arts events you can reach them on their website at or by phone at 760.744.1150 x2453.

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